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11/09 ∙ 19:00-26/09 ∙ 20:00 ∙ Hala V

Grand Opening ∙ 2018-09-11 19:00:00

PARALLEL Intersection Zagreb

PARALLEL Intersection Zagreb

PARALLEL – European Photo Based Platform  
Exhibition PARALLEL Intersection Zagreb

Exhibition period: 11th to 26th of September
Working times: 
11th – 16th of September Mon-Sun 10AM- 8PM
17th – 26th of September Mon-Sat 12PM-8PM
Opening: 11th of September 7PM
Location: Hala V – behind Technical Museum Nikola Tesla 

Curator: Lea Vene
Project coordinator: Morana Matković
Exhibition design: Marijana Gradečak

PARALLEL is a platform that brings together 18 creative European organisations committed to promoting cross-cultural exchanges and mentorships, in order to set new standards in contemporary photography. Members include museums, galleries, festivals, art schools and publishers – 18 of the most vibrant European cultural hubs, from16 countries, that will participate in selecting and hosting new artists and curators, organising exhibitions and promoting artistic networking. The large and diverse nature of the network ensures a wide geographical spread and a fertile ground for fostering new dialogues, sparking ideas and helping to boost creativity.

PARALLEL intends to remove artificial boundaries between artists and curators to create grounds for promoting a horizontal way of working and new forms of artistic cooperation through a process that instigates encounters to promote synergies and cross-fertilisation. The Platform work process is implemented in two-phases: Creative Guidance – selection, tutoring, peer learning and curatorship. Exhibition Platform – a diverse exhibition network engaging exhibitors, universities and art schools. PARALLEL Platform’s 1st Cycle took place between November 2017 and September 2018.

Partners in the project beside ORGAN VIDA are: PROCUR.ARTE (Portugal), CAPA CENTER (Hungary), Centro internacional das artes josé de guimarães (Portugal), LE CHÂTEAU D’EAU (France), FONDAZIONE FOTOGRAFIA MODENA (Italy), FORMAT FESTIVAL – DERBY QUAD (United Kingdom), Fotofestiwal – FOUNDATION OF VISUAL EDUCATION (Poland), GALLERI IMAGE (Denmark), ISSP (Latvia), KATALOG JOURNAL (Denmark), LANDSKRONA FOTO (Sweden), KAUNAS PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY (Lithuania), MARIBOR ART GALLERY (Slovenia), THE FINNISH MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY (Finland), MUSÉE DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE DE CHARLEROI (Belgium), PHOTOIRELAND (Ireland), TRIENNALE DER PHOTOGRAPHIE (Germany).

In the 1st cycle of the project (2017/2018.) 6 curators and 23 artists (whose work will be presented in the exhibition  PARALLEL Intersection Zagreb) participated. They are: Andrej Lamut (Slovenia), Emanuel Cedeqvist (Sweden), Antonina Gugała (Poland), Charlotte Mano (France), Glorija Lizde (Croatia), Ida Nissen (Denmark), Jacopo Tomassini (Italy), Joshua Phillips (UK), Joséphine Desmenez (France), Laura Rämö (Finland), Livia Sperandio (Italy), Nita Vera (Finnland), Mark McGuinness (Ireland), MILÁN RÁCMOLNÁR (Hungary), Morten Barker (Denmark), Nuno Barroso (Portugal), Pedro Koch (Portugal), Philipp Meuser (Germany), Ramona Guntert (Germany),  Sofia Okkonen (Finland), Thomas Wynne (UK), Toms Harjo (Latvia) and Šarūnas Kvietkus (Lithuania). Curators included in the 1st cycle of the project were: Gintarė Krasuckaitė (Lithuania), Emese Mucsi (Hungary), Téo Pitella (Portugal), Maria Faarinen (Finland), Bruno Humberto (Portugal) and Nikki Omes (Netherlands).

In the 2nd cycle of the project that starts in September 2018 are included the following  artists whose work you will see at the exhibition PARALLEL Intersection Zagreb: Agata Wieczorek (Poland), Ana Zibelnik (Slovenia), André Viking (Denmark), Christel Thomsen (Denmark / UK), Cihad Caner (Turkey / Netherlands), Daniel Szalai (Hungary), Diogo Bento (Portugal), Dries Lips (Belgium), Ela Polkowska (Poland), Fábio Cunha (Portugal), Federico Ciamei (Italy), Garrett Grove (USA), Hannamari Shakya (Finland), Inês Marinho (Portugal), Jake Mein (New Zealand), Jessica Wolfelsperger (Switzelrland / Germany), José Alves (Portugal), Laura Konttinen (Finland), Louisa Boeszoermeny (Germany), Marie Lukasiewicz (France), Martin Eberlen (UK), Mateusz Kowalik (Poland), Matthew Thompson (UK), Matthias Van Dromme (Belgium), Nils Stelte (Germany), Rocco Venezia (Italy / Greece), Roisin White (Ireland), Sinead Kennedy (Australia), Yushi Li (China / UK).

The 2nd cycle curators are: Cale Garrido (Spain / Germany), Eric Lawton (USA), Jon Uriarte (Spain), Leanna Teoh (Singapore), Lexington Davis (USA / Netherlands), Lovro Japundzic (Croatia), Seda Yildiz (Germany / Turkey).

PARALLEL is designed and led by and is supported by the Creative Europe Programme (2017 – 2021) and Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia.

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